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Ditch MQLs. Seriously, ditch them.

Pivot to acquiring Product Qualified Leads (PQLs). Learn how in this ebook. We detailed 4 ways (with real-life examples) B2B marketers are acquiring PQLs to impact sales & revenue. Download below. 

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“I really enjoyed it...

I think it will be especially helpful for founders & marketers who know something isn't right but can't quite put the finger on it.

It's like a shortcut to understanding PQLs I wish I had when I first learned about them. Packed with actionable tips & examples, this guide will help marketers and founders get started on their PQL journey.”

Anna Holopainen,

Founder, SaaS Reads; Head of Growth, Kide Science

Anna Holopainen

What you'll learn.

No one gets hired to do marketing per se —whether that's getting more media mentions or creating initial product hype. Long-term, Founders & VCs care less about feel-good 'marketing' badges because no one takes them to the bank.

What about amassing emails, slapping MQL & SQL tags on them, hoping your sales team will perform magic? Most, if not all, are vanity metrics. And you know you should do better!

Enter Product Qualified Leads (PQLs). 

  • Learn what PQLs are from a B2B SaaS marketing perspective. The ebook starts by using prominent tech failures to highlight why you should ditch feel-good metrics & MQLs, so your 'marketing' can have direct impact on sales.
  • You'll see the TWO steps and mindset required to lay a foundation for acquiring PQLs. There's a framework in there for teams in your company to achieve the cross-functional focus for turning PQLs into happy customers.
  • Ready to roll up your sleeves and impact sales? See practical insights as we detail FOUR ways B2B marketers are acquiring PQLs — from Dom Kent of Mio to Rand Fishkin of SparkToro.

No email (MQL) required.

One-click access, no MQLing, no fluff. Click the link below, get instant access to VEC’s guide. I detailed 4 ways you too can acquire PQLs at scale & profit to directly impact sales & revenue.


“I've read the ebook, loved it...

While there's a big wave of product-led everything in SaaS, it's not just about virality or your product's quick time to value.

This book shows the different GTM motions you can apply to get your product-qualified leads going, based on who your target audience is. A must-read book for SaaS founders.”


Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

Director of Marketing, Avoma.

“Victor brings Product-Led Storytelling to life...

As a company building out its PLG credentials to establish a frictionless sales process, Stockpress benefits greatly from Victor’s constant reminder of 'returning to the problem you first set out to fix.'

We're at the start of our PLG journey, but are glad to be entering into it with the benefit of insight from Victor (and his team at VEC).”

Ian Parkes

Ian Parkes

Co-founder, Stockpress.co

About the author.

Victor Eduoh

About the author.

Victor Eduoh coined Product-Led Storytelling.

He's the Founder, Lead Strategist at VEC.studio, where he and his creative team crafts story-driven, product-led content that earns mindshare and generates demand. Victor is a Product Marketing Alliance Global Ambassador and a GrowthMentor, mentoring marketing executives on content marketing strategy creation and execution through storytelling. His work for OpenView Partners was awarded one of the most valuable SaaS content in 2020. 

Outside work, Victor loves scouting rare marketing talent and grooming them into superstars. He spends a great deal of his time tendering to Omosede, his heartthrob.