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Product-Led Storytelling is our unique way of weaving B2B SaaS products into story-driven content prospects actually want to read and share with peers. Helping you earn buyers’ mindshare, convey your product’s unique value, and drive growth.


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“We didn’t have the expertise or time to execute high-quality, story-driven content creation that explains the value our product brought to the table. That’s where VEC came in. They got us ranked on Google’s first page for a handful of buyer-intent keywords and dozens of relevant search terms we couldn’t get from all of our previous marketing efforts.”

ANDREW WOOFounder & CEO, HoneyCart

“We used VEC to develop a content strategy for our website and digital channels, and we’ve since had nothing but praise for Victor and his team. We saw a lot of little details that have made a huge difference in how we approach content creation... But more importantly for storytelling and being able to help our prospects and customers better understand the value of our product.”

KRISTIN HICKSFmr. Strategic Marketing Director, Blackthorn

— Why VEC Studio?

Like other SaaS Founders and B2B Marketing Leaders, We’d help you:


Articulate your product’s value

We study competitors’ messaging to ensure each piece we craft highlights your product’s unique value and how you’re different.


Earn target ICPs’ mindshare

We use stories your target buyers will resonate with to craft content they’d actually want to read, bookmark, and share with peers.


Build owned audiences

We show (and not just tell) readers how to solve problems with your product, luring them into your owned audience for further nurturing.


Create & capture demand

Our unwavering focus is crafting content that keeps your product and brand in prospects’ minds, so they come inbound when ready to buy.

“Reading the content you guys have written so far has given me a newfound confidence in our product succeeding. You guys explain really well how our product can help managers listen to feedback better, and you provide just the right statistics and information to entice curiosity. This is truly product-led content, and you’ve exceeded my expectations.”

JAMIE VERNONFmr. Product Marketing Lead, Dovico

“We’re happy with how these have progressed —thank you for learning our product in this short timeframe, and we like how these have been woven well into the articles.”

AMANDA LIEUDirector of Brand, Product Marketing & Growth, SEON

— Our approach?

First, we’re relentless on crafting story-driven content that sets your product apart through:


Strategic narrative alignment

Great B2B content feels different, not better. To craft such, we align with what sets you apart: your brand narrative and unique point of view.


Ongoing customer research

SEO keywords have their place in organic discovery, and we often consider them. But to craft story-driven content that resonates with your target buyers, we primarily source content ideas through ongoing customer interviews/research.


Deep product knowledge

We become power users of every B2B SaaS product we work with. This is how we craft story-driven content that projects your product’s value.


Second, our 5-person creative team helps you with everything from product-led content strategy design to story-driven content creation and distribution.

“I just wanted to say VEC are beasts when it comes to writing content. They got us some really epic pieces on our website, and we really enjoyed working with them throughout the process.”

Omar SantanaCo-Founder & COO, HoneyCart

“Goodnews! Omar was able to close 2 out of the 3 demos on the spot. They were some of the hottest leads we got from the content you guys created.”

Andrew WooFounder & CEO, HoneyCart

— Get in touch to:

Start articulating your product’s value through story-driven content, crafted to earn buyers’ mindshare and drive growth.

We first become power users of your product to grasp its unique value. Then conduct ongoing customer research/interviews and collaborate with your SMEs to glean rare insights for crafting story-driven content your target ICPs actually want to read. We prioritize long-term relationships with a few clients, to deliver excellent work and help each other grow.

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