Not just another content agency.

VEC Studio does Product-Led Storytelling. We coined the term and designed its execution frameworks. It is our unique way of growing B2B SaaS products through story-driven content crafted to earn buyers' mindshare.

—Our vision

Help make the global web more valuable & useful, one story for one person at a time.

Imagine a world where the web has well-crafted relatable stories for anyone looking for tech solutions to solve their problems. When you work with VEC Studio, that’s the world you’d be building.


—Our values

We keep these values at heart, while strategizing, crafting, and distributing story-driven content.


Growth, Helping Others Grow

Here, we rise by lifting others. From teammates to clients and partners, VECians only consider it “growth” if it helped others “grow.”


Care, Really Mean It

Prospects are humans, not bots or tools. Ensure your content engages and expresses that you truly care about solving their problems over conversion metrics.


Show, Don’t Just Tell

Have a problem-solving mindset. Inspire mutually beneficial action by showing (not just telling) how a product solves customer pain points.


Different, Not Better

Don’t ‘better’ the competition. Be Different! Have a unique point of view, strive to stand out, and stay focused on those whose problems you solve.

—Our inventions

To help grow B2B SaaS products through story-driven content, we experimented and invented the following custom frameworks.


Owned Media Funnel Framework

SaaS startups are becoming media companies. And for good reason. Gone are the days when ranking highest on Google did the trick. Since people now discover content everywhere, staying top of mind requires having owned audiences of prospects you can predictably deliver content to and nurture. “But how can we do that, do it well, and funnel them into sales qualified pipelines?” That’s the question we found most B2B SaaS startups we work with asking. Our answer: The Owned Media Funnel Framework.


TCCS [Topic Clusters’ Content Strategy]

HubSpot invented SEO topic clusters in 2016. But the goal was mainly to outsmart Google and outrank the competition on the SERPs. We took it one step further. Our TCCS framework puts your Strategic Narrative at the top while clustering content around your product features as topics. Building your content marketing strategy this way makes it product-led, enabling story-driven content creation focused on showing how your product solves problems along the typical journey.


Product-Led Storytelling

Our flagship invention, Product-Led Storytelling is our response to the outdated, MQL-focused content marketing that isn’t fit for today’s Product-Led Growth era. This unique content crafting approach uses storytelling to show (and not just tell) target ICPs how your product solves their problems. The goal? To transform each content piece you publish into a sales funnel of its own.


ICP StoryScripts

Personas tell who your target audiences are. Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) tells what jobs your ICPs’ want to solve. Some experts advocate for the former. Others swear by the latter. We found a problem with choosing one over the other. For your story-driven content to resonate, it must appeal to the reader’s person. To solve their problems with content, you must know those problems first. Buyer personas helped us with the latter, JTDB tackled the latter. So we fused both and developed ICP StoryScripts.


StoryBriefs & Outlines

If you agree SEO shouldn't be the de facto way of doing B2B content marketing, you’re not alone. We think the same. But to make way for story-driven, product-led content, we needed briefs not entirely focused on SEO. So we looked around, researched deeply, and because we couldn’t find anything worth replacing SEO briefs with, we built StoryBriefs & Outlines.


Triangular Feedback Framework (TFF)

Feedback is the bane of most content writers’ existence. It’s worse if you’re going this story-driven content creation route. Our strategists and senior writers exchange lots of feedback on drafts before pieces meet our high quality standards. Through these exchanges, we learned a more streamlined way of giving feedback on story-driven content that works for all parties involved. One of us documented everything and called it the Triangular Feedback Framework.

Meet the VECians

Below are the brains behind VEC Studio.


Victor Eduoh

Founder, Lead Content Strategist

Victor coined and developed the execution frameworks for Product-Led Storytelling. Ask him who he is, and he'll say: "I am Omosede's husband and Enobong's father."


Nyiabari Joseph

Design Lead

I write and talk about design. Building marketing solutions for marketers with design and learning no-code (Divhunt).


McCarthy Owie

Marketing Content Designer

A marketing designer shaping narratives at VEC. I find my passion in football and solving design puzzles.

Become a VECian

Fancy VEC’s vision and values?

Crave thinking deeply, strategizing, and crafting story-driven, product-led content (aka, Product-Led Storytelling) people actually want to read and share? We’d love you on our small team! Email us at, or check out open roles below:

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