VEC’s Product-Led
Storytelling  Process

We use storytelling to weave SaaS products into well-crafted content marketing pieces. Our goal is delivering reading experiences that differentiates your brand, earns target ICPs’ mindshare, captures demand, and achieves your business goal(s).

“We’re happy with how these have progressed – thank you for learning our product in this short timeframe and we like how these have been woven well into the articles.”


Director of Brand, Product Marketing & Growth

From strategy to content planning, ideation, writing, designs for each piece, editing, content optimization, and social amplification excerpts for demand generation, you can rest assured.

Our handpicked creative team, led by a Product-Led Content Strategist for each client project, handles them all:

“I just wanted to say VEC are beasts when it comes to writing content. They got us some real epic pieces on our website and we really enjoyed working with them throughout the process.”


Co-Founder & COO

Step ONE

Strategy, First!

strategic narrative

1.1: Different, not “better.”

Strategic Narrative Alignment

How are you different from competing products? In today’s very competitive SaaS landscape, winning through content now thrives on a differentiating brand narrative, not just a “better” product.

It’s why we start all projects by aligning with your unique, differentiating point of view or helping you design one. This helps us anchor your overarching product story on something more than features.

“It’s hard to find people who get the mission that you have. But VEC was able to come in and hit the ground running immediately. I really appreciate all the hardwork they put into creating our content and collaborating with us.”


Co-Founder & COO

1.2: Build topical authority

Content Marketing Strategy

Content performs better when clustered around topics. It signals to Google you’re an authority on such topics. It builds a solid website information architecture that improves user experience.

VEC’s TCCS (Topic Clusters Content Strategy) Framework enables such authority-building content marketing strategy design.

“...topical authority is something like the holy grail in marketing and very hard to achieve. Awesome you guys provide guidance.”


Head of Marketing

1.3: SEARCh Intent Mapping

Going Beyond SEO Keywords

For each topic identified in the content marketing strategy we develop, we go beyond keywords to identify search intents and customer pain points.

We then map these to sales funnel journey stages and use the same to develop a content execution plan aimed at guiding readers down the funnel from whatever stage they find your content.

“We had a content marketing strategy before. But ramping it up with Victor and his team and putting a real body behind it has been very helpful… I’ll totally recommend VEC to anyone else.”


Strategic Marketing Director

Step TWO

Story-Driven Execution

2.1: Show, don’t just tell

Product-Led Storytelling

High-converting content experiences is about using engaging storytelling to show (not just tell) readers how to solve their problems with your product.

Our unique Product-Led Storytelling approach embodies the principles of showing (not just telling). It transforms regular drafts into highly engaging ones by weaving in testimonials, reviews, and product walkthroughs.

“Reading the content you guys have written so far has given me a newfound confidence in our product succeeding. You guys explain really well how our product can help managers listen to feedback better and you provide just the right statistics and information to entice curiosity. This truly is product-led content, and you’ve exceeded my expectations.”


Product Marketing Lead

2.2: Signups, not just MQLs

Acquire New Users from Content

Stop piling up emails disguised with MQL tags. Done right, content can attract, engage, and funnel interested readers into new product signups.

That’s the ultimate goal of our studio’s Product-Led Storytelling approach: Each piece we craft delivers an experience able to funnel readers into new users.

“Goodnews! Omar was able to close 2 out of the 3 demos on the spot. They were some of the hottest leads we got from the content you guys created.”


Co-Founder & CEO

2.3: Stop waiting to rank

Content Distribution & Amplification

Ranking highest on Google is good, but it doesn't guarantee anything. Like you, prospects now discover content and products from everywhere – social feeds, forums, communities, etc.

We optimize all drafts for search. But by blending in subject matter opinions, designs, and excerpts for social, newsletter, and paid promotions, we help you reach target readers where they hang out.

“Thank you so much for the in-content designs and excerpts, I really like them.”


Founder & CEO

You’ll be in nice company

B2B SaaS & VCs trust VEC’s
Product-Led Storytelling approach

We didn’t have the expertise or time to execute high-quality content creation that explains the value our product brought to the table.

That’s where VEC came in.

Along with getting us ranked on Google’s first page for a handful of buyer-intent keywords and dozens of relevant search terms we couldn't get from all our previous marketing efforts, VEC pretty much defined the roadmap for our content strategy and helped us execute on that.


You’ll love our workflow.

..personalized to your business needs.


  • Topical Research
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Pains & Keywords’ Research
  • Product Use Cases’ Analysis
  • ICP StoryScripts
  • Initial 6-month Content Plan


  • Brand & Style Guides
  • Content Ideation
  • StoryBriefs & Outlines
  • Designs & Illustrations
  • Draft Reviews
  • Plagiarism Checks
  • Editing & Proofreading


  • Blog Management
  • CMS Uploads
  • On-page Optimization
  • Promotion & OUtreach
  • Social Excerpts
  • Email Newsletter Excerpts
  • Reports

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For every client, VEC assembles a 5-people creative team to strategize, produce, design, edit, and distribute high-quality content crafted with storytelling. Our goal is to help build your brand narrative, earn mindshare, generate and capture demand.